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Dear R users, There is a new release of package GeneR. Briefly, GeneR package provides tools to manipulate large DNA/protein sequences (like a whole chromosome). By "manipulate" I mean of course extract, append, concatenate; but also look for "word", orfs or masked positions, or to returns compositions of nono-di-tri nucleotides. It has been designed to work with large vectors so that it can concatenate all exons of a chromosome at once, or the composition of same exons. There are I/O functions to work with standard bank files like Fasta, Genebank and Embl. And last, but not least we provide a complete arithmetic on "segments" i.e. functions like "union", "intersection", "not" between two sets of segments. One application could be to "substract" all CDS from genes and deduce UTR regions. In new release we add some functions working on Embl files (to read headers, or features), and correct some bugs. I hope you will enjoy it ! Regards, Antoine. -- Antoine Lucas Centre de g?n?tique Mol?culaire, CNRS 91198 Gif sur Yvette Cedex Tel: (33)1 69 82 38 89 Fax: (33)1 69 82 38 77
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