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hi, after running globaltest() on KEGG and GO, i try to get geneplot() but i get errors: > geneplot(gt.kegg, "00860") Error in gt[geneset] : no 'dimnames' attribute for array > geneplot(gt.go, "GO:0008104") Error in gt[geneset] : no 'dimnames' attribute for array > geneplot(gt.kegg["00860"]) Error in gt.kegg["00860"] : no 'dimnames' attribute for array > geneplot(gt.go["GO:0008104"]) Error in gt.go["GO:0008104"] : no 'dimnames' attribute for array I am working with R 2.3.0 and globaltest 4.2.0 any suggestion? what are these errors exactly? thanks in advance for your help. dario -- Dario Greco Institute of Biotechnology - University of Helsinki Building Cultivator II P.O.Box 56 Viikinkaari 4 FIN-00014 Finland Office: +358 9 191 58951 Fax: +358 9 191 58952 Mobile: +358 44 023 5780
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