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Dave Jacoby ▴ 20
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I've been trying to get a number of chips to work with the Affy modules. I found the fix for simpleaffy, adding lines to the *.tab files in simplaffy/data, in the list archives. ( ml) Using the techniques listed, I got wheatcdf to work and have sent the added lines to the maintainer. I have added the lines for chickencdf, but I receive the "I don't know about chip type: chickencdf" error. I am at a loss, as I have done everything for chickencdf that I have for wheatcdf, with different result. "chickencdf" 0.05 0.065 "chickencdf" "AFFX-Gga-actin-3_at" "AFFX-Gga-actin- M_at" "AFFX-Gga-actin-5_a_at" "AFFX-Gga-gapdh-3_a_at" "AFFX-Gga-gapdh- 5_a_at" "AFFX-Gga-gapdh-M_a_at" "NA" "NA" "NA" "NA" "NA" "NA" "chickencdf" "AFFX-Gga-r2-Ec-bioB-3_at" "AFFX-Gga-r2-Ec-bioB-5_at" "AFFX-Gga-r2-Ec-bioC-3_at" "AFFX-Gga-r2-P1-cre-3_s_at" attached base packages: [1] "splines" "tools" "stats" "graphics" "grDevices" "datasets" [7] "utils" "methods" "base" other attached packages: chickencdf affyPLM affydata RColorBrewer simpleaffy genefilter "1.16.0" "1.12.0" "1.11.2" "0.2-3" "2.10.31" "1.14.1" survival limma gcrma matchprobes affy affyio "2.31" "2.10.5" "2.8.1" "1.8.1" "1.14.2" "1.4.0" Biobase "1.14.0" Thanks for any guidance you can give. -- David Jacoby jacoby at Purdue Genomics Facility S049, WSLR building Phone: hah!
Survival cdf affydata limma gcrma matchprobes affyPLM simpleaffy Survival cdf affydata • 918 views

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