Affy EXON Array: iterPLIER or RMA
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Hi, Michal. I feel excited when I saw your message about the data transfer from APT to Exonmap. I really need to try this way since the datasize I have is too huge to be load by read.exon(). Could you please show me some ideas of what kind of format for exonmap to accept the fils(probeset/gene expression summary file from APT)? and what function will be used for this data import? I cannot find this information elsewhere and really hope to get help from you. Thanks a lot. Juan *********************** " However - it is also possible (as Daniel suggests) - to get ready numbers from APT (or its derivatives - ExACT or expression console), import it into R via a flat file and use exonmap just to process gene/transcript/exon/probeset annotations. I was doing it myself happily a couple of times. As for annotations in XMAP database (so in exonmap) - they are genome-based and independent from Affy - thus you can get for example more detailed information on genome multiple targeting (ie. cross-hybridization)." ********************* Computational Systems Biology Lab Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Davison Life Sciences Building, Room A134 University of Georgia Athens GA 30602-7229 Phone: (706) 542-3930 Fax: (706) 542-9751 E-mail: <> [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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