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RECONSTRUCTING NETWORKS FROM TIME-RESOLVED METABOLOMICS DATA We offer a 4 year PhD or 3 year postdoctoral position in the field of systems biology, specifically on the interface of biological networks and metabolomics. This vacancy is funded by the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, a multidisciplinary combination of groups dedicated to develop metabolomics technologies and to incorporate the emerging tools into biological/biomedical research. We are looking for candidates with a masters degree and/or a PhD in the natural sciences with a strong mathematical component. A genuine interest and/or experience in biology is appreciated. The ability to work across disciplines is mandatory for such systems biology projects. Description: A crucial part of any biological systems is its metabolic network. Reconstruction of biological networks is an important topic in systems biology. In this project, we will develop methods to reconstruct metabolic networks from real and in-silico time-resolved metabolomics data. The reconstructed metabolic networks will improve insight in the molecular functioning of a cell or an organism. Moreover, such networks might reveal disease progression, efficacy of treatments, effects of interventions and explain phenotypic variation. In the last few years many network modeling methods have become available. These methods mainly aimed at reconstruction of gene regulatory networks and protein-protein interaction networks. Only recently effort has been put in the development of methods to infer metabolic networks working with small metabolic systems. Problems occur for reconstructing large metabolic networks. This calls for new network inference algorithms that optimally use the time-resolved metabolomics data and can work for large systems. For more information call dr. M.M.W.B. Hendriks, +31 88 7553705 or dr. H.C.J. Hoefsloot, +31 20 5255867. You can email a CV and cover letter to [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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