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Dear List I've computed the overrapresentation of GO terms in a list of up/down regulated genes retrieved from LIMMA analysis of MA experiments. Now I'm trying to clustering the GO term that I've found by semantic similarity with the mclustersim function. This is the first time that I use this function and the input that I pass to the function is the list of modulated genes associated to overappresentated GO terms. Do you think that this function is suitable for my purpose? If no could you suggest to me an alternative approach to clusterize my GO term according to their similarity? thank you very much -- Guido Leoni National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition (I.N.R.A.N.) via Ardeatina 546 00178 Rome Italy tel + 39 06 51 49 41 (operator) + 39 06 51 49 4519 (direct) [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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