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2011/2/23 Beno?t Ballester <benoit at="" ebi.ac.uk="">: > Hi James, > > James W. MacDonald wrote: > >> Then zoom in on the resulting pdf. There will be some small white lines, >> but IMO they are very unobtrusive. > > Indeed this is exactly what I see, and I do find it annoying. Have a look at > the links below. You'll notice the difference between PDF (with white lines) > and PNG (I believe without) > > > http://tinyurl.com/6yqcswr > http://tinyurl.com/67wkbl3 > > > >> Your other choice is to use levelplot() from lattice, but you will still >> get white lines: >> >> library(lattice) >> pdf("tmp2.pdf", width=5, height=50) >> levelplot(matrix(rnorm(10000), nrow=10), col=redgreen(100), >> colorkey=FALSE) >> dev.off() >> > > This seems to work slightly better. > I'll give it a try... One additional (belated) comment: WIth levelplot(), you could also try the "raster" version (which should work on most devices): levelplot(matrix(rnorm(10000), nrow=10), colorkey=FALSE, aspect = "fill", panel = panel.levelplot.raster) -Deepayan

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