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Hi Tao The developing version of lumi ( updated many functions to support the 450K methylation array. I will add more updates within the coming weeks. Pan On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 1:12 PM, Wang, Tao <> wrote: > Hi, Dr. Pan, > My name is Tao Wang, a graduate student working at the Department of Human > Genetics at Emory University. I am right now analyzing DNA methylation of > multiple cell lines using bisulfite converted DNA on the 450K Infinium > Methylation array. > I really appreciated your share of the lumi package on the bioconductor,so > I am wondering it is also working on the 450K methylation chip from > illumina? > Thank you very much for your kind help. > Best, > Tao Wang > Department of Human Genetics > Emory University > > ------------------------------ > > This e-mail message (including any attachments) is for...{{dropped:15}}
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