Fw: a bug in heatmap.plus?
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I know this is not a BioC-related question, but thought there should be more people on this list who use these functions.? Thanks! ...Tao ----- Forwarded Message ----- > From: "Shi, Tao" <shidaxia at="" yahoo.com=""> > To: "allenday at ucla.edu" <allenday at="" ucla.edu="">; "r-help at r-project.org" <r-help at="" r-project.org=""> > Cc: > Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 9:50 PM > Subject: a bug in heatmap.plus? > > Hi Allen and list, > > See the code below.? I've tried it on R2.13 and R2.8.0 using either > heatmap.plus 1.3 or the latest.? All gave the same results.? The problem is in > the last line: when I tried to plot two different color bars, the one > corresponding to "cm.colors(10)" is not correct (it starts with one > black and one red.? Not sure where they're from?) > > Any ideas? > > Thanks! > > ...Tao > > > library(heatmap.plus) > set.seed(1234) > > x <- matrix(rnorm(400), ncol=10) > heatmap(x, ColSideColors= cm.colors(10), Colv=NA) > heatmap.plus(x, ColSideColors=cbind(cm.colors(10), cm.colors(10)), Colv=NA) > heatmap.plus(x, ColSideColors=cbind(rep(1:2,each=5), cm.colors(10)), Colv=NA) >

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