filterMicroRna function of AgiMicroRna for filtering by sample replicates
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Hi, I have a question about filterMicroRna in AgiMicroRna package function for filtering probes in Agilent microRNA dataset. >ddPROC = filterMicroRna(ddNORM.micro, dd, control = TRUE, IsGeneDetected = TRUE, wellaboveNEG = FALSE, limIsGeneDetected = 75, limNEG = 25, makePLOT = TRUE, target.micro, verbose = TRUE) If in a dataset there are two or more sample replicates and in the step of filtering probes I want to exclude a probe only if gIsGeneDetected = 0 in all two or three sample replicates. I don't think by 'filterMicroRna' function provides any option for this type of filtering. Are there any suggestions ? Thanks Vickie S [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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