mapping snp array probe to a gene, biomaRt or others?
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Xiaokuan Wei ▴ 230
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Dear List: Happy New Year! I have a question regarding mapping the gene to a copy number variations. I have affy 250 nsp mapping arrays results. Now I try to map the result for each probe to a gene. then, I can perform correlation analysis between the copy number variation and gene expression level forĀ candidateĀ genes. I think I have an idea to map expression levels to each gene; but I don't know how to map copy number variation values to each gene. Should I just parse the annotation file of "Mapping250K_Nsp.na32.annot.csv" to match each probe to a gene symbol? or there are some other ways. Which tools would you recommend? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you. -Xiaokuan [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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