Open Position :: Postdoc in systems genetics in Cambridge
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Open Position :: Postdoc in systems genetics in Cambridge The genetics lab of Prof. Sir Bruce Ponder and the computational biology lab of Dr. Florian Markowetz at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute offer a joint position for a postdoctoral researcher interested in statistical and computational approaches to systems genetics in cancer. The Ponder laboratory focuses on genetic susceptibility to breast and other common cancers [1] and the Markowetz laboratory on integrative systemic analyses [2]. Project: The function of the two transcription factors FoxA1 and estrogen receptor (ER) are key drivers of breast cancer and standard breast cancer therapy is based on inhibition of ER function. We now wish toexplore to which extent genetic variation in the population affects ER/FoxA1 binding and function in order to better understand its role in susceptibility to disease as well as response to therapy. In collaboration with the laboratory of Jason Carroll at CRI existing ChIP-Seq data sets [3] will be mined to explore genome-wide allele- specific binding and we hope to integrate diverse genomic data sources (epigenetic marks such chromatin modification and DNA methylation, expression microarrays etc) using statistical network methods to model a cell’s response to ER. The methods developed in breast cancer will also be applied to other cancer types, e.g. lung cancer. The position bridges an experimental and a computational lab and is ideal if you are interested in data analysis and method development motivated by close collaborations with experimentalists. The ideal applicant has a strong background in genomic data analysis (e.g. ChIP seq analysis and motif finding) and statistical modelling (using R or Matlab) as well as data visualization and exploration (e.g. with Affy's Integrated Genome Browser). Experience in medical research is desirable. If you are highly motivated to work in an interdisciplinary and very collaborative environment at an internationally recognized research institute, apply by sending your CV to Florian Markowetz <http:"" florian=""/> . References 1. DF Easton, ..., BAJ Ponder Nature 2007. <http:"" pubmed="" 17529967=""> 2. Yuan, Savage, Markowetz, PLoS Comp Bio 2011 3. CS Ross-Innes JS Carroll, Nature 2012 <http:"" pubmed="" 22217937=""> -- Florian Markowetz Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute Li Ka Shing Centre Robinson Way, Cambridge, CB2 0RE, UK phone: +44 (0) 1223 40 4315 fax : +44 (0) 1223 40 4199 email: skype: florian.markowetz blog : web : NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER This e-mail (including any attachments) is intended for ...{{dropped:18}}
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