qRT-PCR - reading tab-delimited file (biol & tech replicates)
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Hi All, I've been asked for analysis of qRT-PCR data. I don't have raw data (from qPCR machine) but excel file (which I planned to transform to tab-delimited text file). I've read manuals for r-packages available, ReadqPCR package seems most promising (taking into consideration data import). There are instructions about columns needed (sample, detector, Cq). I don't know, how designate different biological replicates in the input file. Is that package "knows" about it if plate name and well position are given? - Which I can't provide. Is there any way to read tab-delimited data with columns like "biological replicate" "technical replicate" "sample" "gene" "Ct" ? The experiment was repeated three times (three biol reps), for each biol rep three plates were run with three techical replicates within plate. I'd be grateful for help, Best Wishes, Maciej Jo?czyk -- Maciej Jonczyk, Department of Plant Molecular Ecophysiology Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw 02-096 Warsaw, Miecznikowa 1 Poland -- This email was Anti Virus checked by Astaro Security Gateway. http://www.astaro.com
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Well, I just started using ReadqPCR and NormqPCR for the same reasons too. I'm experiencing the same problem. If you managed to find the answer, please share! If anyone knows something, please answer this!


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