error while using goProfiles package on arabidopsis entrez gene IDs
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Hi all, I was using goProfiles package for functional analysis using a genelist of 316 Arabidopsis entrez gene IDs as shown below in the R command sessionInfo(). - Read a file containing Entrez IDs and TAIR IDs. - Subset the Entrez IDs and converted to character vector. - Used the vector as genelist. -Used goProfiles package function basicProfile for this genelist with organism package of Arabidopsis. OUTPUT :Error in GOtermslist[[i]] : subscript out of bounds. Can somebody please help me in finding any mistake I might have done? Thanks in advance. -- output of sessionInfo(): Console output : >> a<-read.table("tair_ids to gene_ids.csv" ,header=TRUE,sep=",") > >> b<-as.character(a[,2]) >> head(b) > [1] "839235" "838362" "838961" "837091" "837455" "837543" > >> h<-basicProfile(b,idType="Entrez",onto ="ANY",level=2,orgPackage="org.At.tair.db",ord=FALSE) > Error in GOtermslist[[i]] : subscript out of bounds -- Sent via the guest posting facility at
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