no chip information in lumiHumanIDMapping?
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I was trying to use `IlluminaID2nuID()` and found that for some of my IDs I can't get any information at all (for example, `getChipInfo('ILMN_163950')` gives "No matches were found!" message). Then I noticed that for other IDs I can get info, but this does not include the chip we actually had: for example, `getChipInfo('ILMN_16343', returnAllMatches = TRUE)` gives 8 results, but our chip (HumanHT-12_V4_0_R2_15002873_B) is not among them. When I tried to specify my chip explicitly: getChipInfo(NULL, chipVersion = 'HumanHT-12_V4_0_R2_15002873_B')  - it says "The provided chipVersion does not exist in the library!".

I would be grateful if someone can tell 1) how to list all chips included in the IDMapping libraries, and 2) what to do if my chip is not there.

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