Using Gage and pathview with previously processed data
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Hello all,

Thanks for reading.  I have a RNA-SEQ data set which I have already processed, I now have a list of up and down-regulated genes with p-values, fold changes, and KO numbers (already ran proteins through KEGG) which contains about 850 genes.  I want to run this data through Gage/Pathview to look at any metabolic pathway changes which have occurred under my specific treatment.  The gage and pathview vignettes are not commented enough for me (an R newbie) to figure out where I can enter the pipeline with my data file.  Without adequate programming comments in the manuals I'm currently unable to follow the procedures.

I'd greatly appreciated any help anyone can give.




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Luo Weijun ★ 1.5k
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You will need the full data set or differential expression scores (fold changes, test statistics or p-values) with all genes included to run GAGE. If you only have access to the list of pre-selected genes, you can do some overrepresentation test to select significant pathways, and then visualize the pre-selected genes in these pathways using Pathview. Anyway, you need to be familiar with R to use these packages.

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