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The Department of Plant Physiology, which is part of Umeå Plant Science Centre,, has an open bioinformatics first research engineer position, full-time for one year, with possibility for extension. The working tasks principally are to provide bioinformatics support to the users of the UPSC bioinformatics facility and to help the facility further development. Last day to apply is April 18, 2016.

Project description
The Umeå Plant Science Centre bioinformatics facility (UPSCb) is seeking a staff bioinformatician to consolidate its team. Among other projects, the UPSCb key to the deciphering of the Norway spruce genome, the largest sequenced genome at the time of publication. This, and other, project also prompted the development of a bioinformatics facility that has to date processed numerous Next-Generation Sequencing based projects. It also led to further development of essential community resources - hosted at UPSC - such as the Plant Genome Integrative Explorer (PlantGenIE). To support the running and further development of USPCb, we are seeking a bioinformatician to join our team.


Working tasks
The position will involve (i) processing High Throughput Sequencing (mostly RNA-Seq) datasets, which for the majority of projects will imply running the dataset through our established pipeline, establishing a QA report and presenting a summary report to the submitter of the data. However, in selected cases, it will imply to perform downstream analyses and to closely collaborate on the project; (ii) providing bioinformatics support services; e.g. helping or training biologists to perform sequence homology searches, phylogenetic analyses, etc.; (iii) keeping up to date with the latest developments in softwares and tools; (iv) contributing to the develop of standardised analysis pipelines, similar to our RNA-Seq pipeline, for other NGS techniques; e.g. ChIP-Seq, BS-Seq, or metagenomics; (v) helping maintain the IT infrastructure; e.g. installing novel tools, managing user accounts, administrating a queuing system, etc.


You should have a PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics or equivalent and be willing to contribute to the daily running and future expansion of the facility. You must be familiar with Unix and at least one of the programmatic languages that we most commonly use (Python, R, C, C++). Familiarity with database use and design and system administration would be considered as significant advantages, as would knowledge of NGS technologies, R and statistics. More importantly, you must be a team player and like to interact with biologists (i.e. the main customers of the UPSCb). You must be proficient in English and at ease generating reports and presenting them.


The application should contain (1) CV with full publication list and copies of the relevant degree certificates, (2) a personal letter with description of research experiences and a statement of scientific interests as well as (3) contact information of two referees.

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