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thabermann • 0
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I work at The HDF Group hdfgroup.org) and am interested in learning more about how scientists use the HDF format and about how communities of scientists (and others) sustain open source software and tools. Bioconductor seems to be doing that very well. Congratulations. Bioconductor packages use HDF primarily through the very useful rhdf5 interface developed by Bernd Fischer. Specifically I would like to connect with developers of R packages at Bioconductor that are using rhdf5 (and therefore HDF5) with their data. Perhaps this can be done in R itself...? or, is there a web API I could use to identify packages that are using rhdf5 and (in a perfect world) identify the important people behind those packages. 

My end goal is to develop and foster a community of active HDF users across a variety of disciplines and languages (in Python the package h5py = rhdf5) and to make connections across that community. Any suggestions / ideas that might help support that goal are also welcome.

Thanks, Ted Habermann







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Mike Smith ★ 5.5k
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One approach is to look at the landing page for the rhdf5 package here.  You'll see there are sections 'Depends On Me', 'Imports Me' and 'Suggests Me' which list all the packages in Bioconductor that declare some dependency on rhdf5.

That will only help with Bioconductor packages, but you can also try looking in this file, which lists all the packages currently stored on CRAN:


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Thanks Mike, Very helpful... Hope you are enjoying the Tour!


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