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I apologize if this is answered elsewhere, but I cannot find a concise solution. I feel like I am just missing a very obvious piece of information.

I am using gviz to plot a genomic region via the UcscTrack function:

knownGenes <- UcscTrack(genome = "hg19", chromosome = chr, track = "knownGene", from = from, 
                        to = to, trackType = "GeneRegionTrack", rstarts = "exonStarts", rends = "exonEnds", 
                        gene = "name", symbol = "name", transcript = "name", strand = "strand", fill = "#8282d2", 
                        name = "UCSC Genes")

This annotates transcripts with the ucsc gene name. How can I instead annotate with the gene symbol? It does not seem to be an option in the knownGene table schema. 

Also, if anyone could tell me how to change the font size of the track name (i.e. where it displays "UCSC Genes") I would greatly appreciate it. The fontsize parameter changes all font for the track.

Thank you!

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