Introduction to DEP - data imputation
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Hi there,

I am trying to use the DEP package and want to impute my data so that invalid values become 1. Is there an option to impute NA values to a constant (say 1)?

I typed impute(data_norm, fun = "") and it gives a message saying

Error in match.arg(fun): 'arg' should be one of "bpca", "knn", "QRILC", "MLE", "MinDet", "MinProb", "man", "min", "zero", "mixed", "nbavg"


But there doesn't seem to be any information on what these 'arg' are and how to use them in the code, apart from the 3 examples given.

If I can't make invalid values 1, how do I make them zero? I tried data_imp <- impute(data_norm, fun = "zero") and no error or warning message came up but when I continued with the next script there was an error message saying that my data had missing values.

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