Converting gene symbols to entrez ID
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Hello, I have a file of my differential expression output consisting of gene symbols that I want to convert to ENTREZ IDs. Is there a way to convert it in the original file and discard ones that don't convert along with their corresponding data? E.g. the columns are gene name, basemean count, adjusted p-value and I want to convert all of the gene name column and discard any rows with improper conversions. I tried the and the AnnotationDbi packages but I keep getting errors where it says the package isn't found and I'm uncertain how to convert it using my file instead of from a list with all the gene symbols as strings.

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It's impossible to help when you don't provide any error messages to help people understand what went wrong. Simply saying 'it did not work' could include any number of issues. If you provide a snippet of the data.frame you have, and what you did that didn't work, then perhaps people can help.


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