What are the data values in qRT-PCR for statistical testing? dCT? or 2^-dCT?
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Hi, I read a lot of papers and I found that they didn't indicate what kind of values are used in t-test or logistic regression. Here is part of my data. The miR-29b-3p is the target gene and RNU48 is the internal control in my study. The dCT is calculated by CT of miR-29b-3p minus CT of RNU48.

ID  Response    CT of miR-29b-3p    CT of RNU48   dCT   2^-dCT
1   good        21.82               21.62         0.20   1.15 
2   poor        20.87               20.93        -0.07   0.95 
3   good        21.98               19.94         2.04   4.11

I want to find differentially expressed genes between patients with good treatment responses and patients with poor treatment responses. So, should I use dCT or 2^-dCT to perform the t-test and logistic regression to predict their response? I built a logistic regression model and I found that the AUC is smaller if I use 2^-dCT to compute. But, if I use dCT, the AUC increased from 0.65 to 0.75. I don't know which is correct. Correct me if I am wrong. Please help me, thank you.

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