Tutorial:Online workshop "Working with ChatGPT in R" 2023-03-09
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I realize this is not strictly limited to Bioconductor, may still perhaps be of interest to some here: online workshop

Title: Working with ChatGPT in R

Date: Thursday, 9 March 18:00 - 20:00 CET (Rome, Berlin, Paris timezone)

Speaker: Dariia Mykhailyshyna, PhD Economics student at the University of Bologna, previously Ukrainian think tank Centre of Economic Strategy

Description: In this workshop we will learn how you can fully harness the power of ChatGPT to improve your R coding. We will learn how to access ChatGPT directly from R, how to make it write R code, including fairly long and complicated commands, debug its (and your) code, translate code from one coding language to another, comment your code, make it more efficient and more! We will also explore some of the drawbacks of ChatGPT and examine when and why you can’t rely on it.

Minimal registration fee: 20 euro (or 20 USD or 800 UAH) - all the proceeds going to support Ukraine.

Remember that you can register even if you will not be able to attend in person as all registered participants will get a recording.


With best regards, Dariia

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Have you considered using [alternative package or function] instead? This might offer a more streamlined solution to your problem. If not, perhaps ChatGPT could analyze your code and suggest similar functions from other Bioconductor packages


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