Help Subsetting DDS for plotPCA for contrast groups
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Hello all,

I'm having trouble extracting and subsetting my dds for plotPCA. I only have one interested column called condition which I converted to factor along with the levels inside, c("Control", "Treatment1", "Treatment2", "Treatment3"). However, the code still prints out errors during the dds subset. For context, I generated my dds from DESeqDataSetFromTximport. I've succesfully plotted my global PCA, however I wanted to view different contrast groups to see the patterns, e.g. Treatment 1 vs Treatment 3 on PCA.

Though I get these error messages on colinearity and this one:

# Check if the column "condition" exists in colData
 if ("condition" %in% colnames(colData(dds))) { 
 colData(dds)$condition <- factor(colData(dds)$condition, levels = c("Control_Diet", "High_Fat_Diet", "Prophylactic", "Therapeutic"))
 } else {
 stop("Column 'condition' not found in colData(dds). Check your metadata.") }

> No warning message, so ran clear 
 # Define the levels of interest for subsetting
 levels_of_interest <- c("Prophylactic", "Therapeutic") 
>Ran clear
# Subset for levels of interest
 subset_dds <- dds[, colData(dds)$condition %in% levels_of_interest] 
>Ran clear
# Run DESeq2 analysis on the subset (optional)
subset_dds <- DESeq(subset_dds)
>Error in designAndArgChecker(object, betaPrior) : 
  full model matrix is less than full rank
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Try droplevels on the condition:

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Thank you for helping, I ended up being able to plot and subset it by selecting the factor levels, then went and transformed it to rlog and then just used plotPCA like normal.

Subset the DESeqDataSet for "Treatment2" and "Treatment6" groups

subset_dds <- dds[, dds$condition %in% c("Treatment2", "Treatment6")]

rld_subset <- rlog(subset_dds, blind = FALSE) # You can use VST as well if preferred

Create PCA plot with name tags, title, and print as PDF

plotPCA(rld_subset, intgroup = "condition") + ggtitle("Treat2 vs Treat6 Groups")

geom_text(aes(label = colData(rld_subset) $, vjust = -0.5, hjust = -0.5)


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