Documenting resources in an `ExperimentHub` package?
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I am working on preparing my ExperimentHub package for submission to Bioconductor. The package provides access to four datasets, each of which is stored on Zenodo. Is it possible for me to document these datasets individually within the package? I found the following paragraph in the ExperimentHub documentation:

resource man pages: Resources can be documented on the same page, grouped by common type or have their own dedicated man pages. Man page(s) should describe the resource (raw data source, processing, QC steps) and demonstrate how the data can be loaded through the standard hub interface.

How should I go about creating these man pages? In particular, which R objects should I document within these man pages? Is there any example ExperimentHub package that would be helpful for me to look at? Unfortunately, I was unable to find an ExperimentHub package that follows this paradigm.



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The easiest way to do that IMO is to use emacs/ESS (or I believe there is some newfangled thing called RStudio? Not personally familiar, but I hear tell) to add inline documentation to your functions and then use the roxygen2 package to generate the help files. Here is an example you could emulate. There is also a vignette for roxygen2.

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