Suggestion for a regression test in XVector
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as you know, R 3.3.3 broke some packages, that needed to be reinstalled. In many cases, the breakage is directly visible as the packages' regression tests just fail until the reinstall. In the case of XVector, the regression tests still pass, but packages such as BioStrings fail transitively with the following error:

  could not find symbol "recursive" in environment of the generic function

The very simple test in XVector as below would have made the breakage directly obvious.

> x3 <- XInteger(12, val=c(-1:10))
> c(x3, x3)
Error in c(x3, x3) :
  could not find symbol "recursive" in environment of the generic function

I am not able to tell if that would catch new backward-incompatibility breakages in future releases of R, but if you find it useful, please consider adding such a regression tests in XVector.

(Background for the question: in Debian we distribute binary ".deb" packages of Bioconductor packages, and it took me some time to figure out that XVector also needed a rebuild, since its own regression tests passed.)



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