edgeR p.adjust FDR = 0?
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Hi all,

I am using edgeR to do a differential expression analysis and several of the genes have FDRs reported as 0. My hopefully simple question is this: when writing about this this, I'd like to say "less than 10 ^ -120" or some such, but I don't know the lower bound of what is reported. I apologize if I've missed some obvious documentation on this, I've tried looking through online documentation and other posts here. Please let me know if more information is required. Thank you,

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You can find the lower bound for double-precision numbers with .Machine$double.xmin, below which values will be reported as zero by R. However, note that this refers to the lower bound of the original p-values. Treating it as the lower bound for the corrected p-values would not be correct, as the correction should increase the p-value - a fact that is easily overlooked, because zero multiplied by some correction will still be zero.

Instead, a conservative lower bound for the BH-adjusted p-values can be obtained by multiplying the p-value's lower bound by the number of genes. This will probably knock off a couple of orders of magnitude but you should still get an impressively small value. Of course, none of this really matters from a practical perspective. In terms of rejecting the null hypothesis, there's not much difference between a small and very small adjusted p-value.


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