pca plot for tissues and protein values
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Hi Everyone,


I want to do a PCA plot for my data frame. Following is the description of my data frame which looks like this:

Tissue    p1    p2    p3    p4    p5
t1    10.90    0.07    40.57    76.71    12.73
t2    13.57    3.48    27.93    75.46    19.59
t3    1.05    0.04    16.18    8.92    7.56
t4    12.77    0.62    29.68    57.01    29.24
t5    9.19    0.07    26.62    35.10    26.01

In the header I have Tissue as column 1 and p1,p2,p3 etc as other columns

I want to do a PCA plot where I want to find a relationship/association between tissues(t1,t2,t3 etc) with proteins p1,p2,etc. So basically what proteins are associated with tissue1(So in the figure it should be 1 tissue and 3-4 proteins close to it)


How can I do it? Any help would be appreciated.



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This isn't the right forum for this question, as it has nothing to do with Bioconductor packages. It's actually (probably) a basic R question, so you could try r-help@r-project.org, or alternatively just figure it out yourself using some google-fu. The latter is probably the way to go, as you have a really basic question that you should be able to figure out for yourself.


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