Do p-values of Gene Significance per gene need to be FDR corrected?
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This a very basic question about the interpretation of the results after the WGCNA analyses.

My question is: can this Student asymptotic p-value, as calculated in the pipeline, be used 'as is' to report the relationship between a protein and a trait? Or should it be subjected to a multiple testing correction in order to report proteins as 'significantly correlated' with the trait?

I have run the pipeline following the example code and the tutorial with my data, and I didn't find any modules with a strong correlation with my clinical trait (which is binary).

Nevertheless, several proteins in the dataset show a good GS value with p.GS values lower than 0.05. The proteins with the lowest p-values are consistent with the results of other differential expression analyses that we have performed on this data.

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes, Miguel

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