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My name is Yuan Tian(田原), graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology(哈尔滨工业大学), Department of Computer Science. Now I am currently a PhD student in CAS-MAG Partner Institute of Computational Biology, which belongs to Shanghai Institute for Biology Science.

My research focus is DNA methylation, most specifically on illumina array data analysis. I currently published one paper on plos genetics and one paper on Bioinformatics. Also I designed and coded ChAMP along, maintaining it alone until now, which is not easy at all, but for me it's the best chance to get myself known and useful for labs outside China.

I like coding, and I think I have a creative mind. I am good at R, Node.js. Familiar with Python and C++. But to be honest, I think most  language are similar, I can pick them up in couple days, then  start to do real project, then learn more tricks in practices. I can code website front-end full stack, do data science work, create pipeline, research algorithm, make prototype for company e.g... basically every thing related to programming and science.

My English is OK I think, especially oral and listening, my spelling is not very good that's because Office can always remind me mistakes...

I have stayed nearly 27 years in China now, never been to any other countries before except UK (I get a very competitive government sponsorship for staying one year in UCL cancer institute, that's really fantastic memory, I really want to go back). 

I am about to graduate next year, and now looking for postdoc position. If you think I may contribute your lab work, you may contact me via email. I can maintain your server, help all coding work in your lab projects, and do independent research as well. 


Yuan Tian

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