News:BioC2019 talk/workshop/scholarship submission deadline MARCH 15
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The deadline to submit a syllabus proposing a workshop, an abstract for a talk or poster, or a travel scholarship application to BioC2019 in New York City is fast approaching on March 15. Will be again producing a workshop booklet from accepted workshops (see the BioC2018 workshop booklet for example).

Registration is open, and we've identified nearby hotels to recommend at a range of affordable prices (see travel and accommodations). This year is also associated with an added one-day symposium in honor of Robert Gentleman's 60th birthday, providing a chance to meet and hear from founders of R and Bioconductor.

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I am bioinformatician working on the FAANG (Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes) project in Iowa State University, where I got my PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology two years ago. I am very interested in developing R/BioConductor packages, though I am in my early career as package developer.

I am one of the co-developer of the R/Bioconductor package "ATACseqQC", which has been publised in BMC Genomics ( I also actively answer questions related to using of this package via This corresponding author of this paper is Dr. Julie Lihua Zhu. This paper has been viewed for nearly 5000 times and cited for 7 times since its publication in 2018.

If I can get scholarship support, I will assist Dr. Julie L. Zhu to give a tutorial workshop on how to use this package in one of the afternoon practical sessions, if possible.

I believe that attending the conference will give me a global view of the current development of the Bioconductor, especially packages related to singe cell sequencing. And by meeting the BioConductor user community, I will be able to gather current demand and feedback. It will be also a great opportunity to learn from the senior developers.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Best regards,

Haibo Liu

Associate Scientist | Bioinformatician

Department of Animal Science

Iowa State University

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Thanks for your interest Haibo! There is a link to the scholarship application form at; please go ahead and fill that out (it's not any more work than what you've already written). You seem well-qualified.


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