How to arrange multiple plots into one page in NOISeq?
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I am using NOISeq to generate Biodetection plot. I have 6 samples and need to place the plots for each sample side by side for easy comparison. As per the manual, it seems I can only visualise two at a time. Is there a way to arrange all the six plots in 2 columns and 3 rows. I tried the code:

biodetection <- dat(data, k = 0, type = "biodetection", factor = NULL)
par(mfrow = c(3, 2))
explo.plot(biodetection, samples = c(1, 2), plottype = "persample")
explo.plot(biodetection, samples = c(3, 4), plottype = "persample")
explo.plot(biodetection, samples = c(5, 6), plottype = "persample")

but it was of no help. Each time I use the explo.plot() function the previous image gets replaced.

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After facing the same problem, I realise that you can direct your plot in the matrix with the par() option par(..., mfg = c(1,2)). If it can help someone !


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