New release or do I submit as a new package if package update includes a new function
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I have a basic question as to what the correct step is if I am trying to update an existing Bioconductor package to include a visualization feature. The package in question was accepted by Bioconductor about a year ago and I have developed a visualization feature that I want to add to it. The update includes a new function. How do I update the package? Should I submit it as a new release because I have done that and the changes have not appeared on the Bioconductor repository page. Is there a review process for doing this? Should I resubmit the package to Bioconductor the way it was done the first time around? thank you. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.

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You should update the current package that is in Bioconductor. Do not submit as a new package. If you have not updated your Bioconductor package yet the following git help pages have useful references for how to update the version of your package that we build/check nightly. You should add new features to the devel branch of bioconductor only.

Note: The next release is Oct 30 so it would be great if you could get the updates in before then so they will be available in the next release.

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Thank you for your help!!


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