Strange problem with parameter range when creating a flowFPModel
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I created a flowFPModel from a flowSet using two logtransformed parameters. One of these parameters (FL3) was used for a rectangleGate to filter out background noise, thus, the original range of -1 to 3 was narrowed down to 0 to 3. When I make a plot of the resulting model or have a look at the bin boundaries, it shows that the model still spans the original range of -1 to 3. I do not know if this could affect the binning process, since there are obviously no events in the filtered flowFrames below 0 log(FL3). I suppose this has something to do with the keywords of the flowFrames, but I am not sure. I tried to change 'flowCore_$P5Rmin' (the minimum of FL3) among the keywords to zero, but that did not solve my problem. Any help or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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