Software package submission: valid push, but not response/review
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I am submitting a package to Bioconductor (issue #1420) for review. I have modified the package according to the report provided by @bioc-issue-bot, bump the version and recommitted (webhook set). I got a message saying it was a valid push, however, there is no new report since yesterday. Would anyone know how long should it take to get a response? Thank you!

Another thing confuses me is, earlier yesterday I actually received a "Congratulations! The package built without errors or warnings on all platforms", however, followed by another message with a report saying there are "errors, warnings". Could anyone suggest what is the solution to this? Currently what I have done is modifying the codes and commit them again.

Thank you in advance!

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This is not the place to ask questions about your package submission. Please ask directly in the GitHub issue of the submission or on the bioc-devel mailing list. Thanks!


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