How to overlap heatmaps on Gviz?
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I am writing to ask you an advice about how to produce an heatmap that is the mix of three different heatmap using the Gviz package. Basically I would like to create an heatmap where each cell describe several values (each of them associated to a different color) and the color of that cell is unique for that specific combination of values.

Practical case: I am working on an experiment where for each region of the genome I have three quantitative information about the chromatin status (open, polycomb associated and lamina associated), for each of this information I already built an heatmap (each heatmap has its own color). What I would like to do is to join the three heatmaps in a single heatmap where each color is a mix of the color of the three previous designed heatmap. I.e.:

heatmap1 (from grey to red).........ylim( 0, 1 ).....pos X value 0.3=============> cell color 30% red 70% grey......+ heatmap2 (from grey to blue)........ylim( 0, 1 ).....pos X value 0.5=============> cell color 50% blue 50% grey..... + heatmap3 (from grey to yellow).....ylim( 0, 1 ).....pos X value 0.2=============> cell color 20% yellow 80% grey...=

heatmap_mix...........................ylim( 0, 1 ).....pos X values ( 0.3, 0.5, 0.2 )===> cell color ( 30% red, 50% blue, 20% yellow)

Is it possible to do something like this? And maintain all three legend bars coming from the heatmaps1,2,3 ?

Thanks in advance.

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