The error when using "coMET" package
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yueli.yao • 0
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When using the coMET package in R, I always meet the error as the following:

Error in unit(at, "native") : 'x' and 'units' must have length > 0 In addition: Warning messages: 1: In min(at) : no non-missing arguments to min; returning Inf 2: In max(at) : no non-missing arguments to max; returning -Inf

But I prepared all the file according to the coMET user guide, I couldn't understand what this error means. Here is the command I used in R:

directory <- "C:/Users/HP/Desktop/region_plot/comet"

myinfofile <- file.path(directory,"info2.txt") configfile <- file.path(directory,"configcyp1b1zoom4webserverGrch38.txt") mycorrelation <- file.path(directory,"mdata1.txt")

comet.web(config.file=configfile, mydata.file=myinfofile, cormatrix.file=mycorrelation , print.image=FALSE,verbose=FALSE)

Many thanks for your possible ideas and solution.

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