exonmap install problem
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Seth Falcon ★ 7.4k
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Hi Sophie, Sophie Gallina <sfi at="" good.ibl.fr=""> writes: > I have got this message when installing exonmap on linux : > ** building package indices ... > Error in load(zfile, envir = envir) : ReadItem: unknown type 25 That's a strange looking error. Can you tell us what version of R you are using? Output from the sessionInfo() command is really quite essential for us to help you. I just tried installing exonmap using R-2.5.1 and R-2.6.0 and both worked fine. I strongly recommend that you install BioC packages using biocLite (see the bioconductor website for details, or search the list archives). + seth -- Seth Falcon | Computational Biology | Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center BioC: http://bioconductor.org/ Blog: http://userprimary.net/user/
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