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Dear Folks, Here is an interesting Post Doc position (see also Applied-Statistics-And-Bioinformatics): The University for Applied Sciences (UfAS) Wildau (Berlin, Germany) and Philips Research offer a 2-year Post Doc position in the field of mathematics, statistics, statistical pattern recognition, with the option to be extended by additional 2 years. This position is part of a collaboration program between Philips Research Eindhoven, Sector Molecular Medicine and UfAS Wildau, Dept. Bioinformatics. The Post Doc will work full-time at the Laboratory for Computational Biology UfAS Wildau (Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Beyerlein) on following research topics: 1. Statistical Pattern Recognition in Biomolecular Measurements (Arrays, MassSpec, Next Generation Sequencing) 2. Datamining of bio-molecular interactions, pathways and regulatory networks 3. In-Silico Biomarker Discovery 4. Systematic work with 100's of public data sets from recent high-throughput techniques collected via web based repositories, The candidate should have a Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics/Mathematics/Physics/Electrical Engineering or a related degree in similar fields. We are searching for a candidate that is communicative and is willing to share work, skills, ideas and results in a team setting. The candidate is expected to take a leadership role in a team of bioinformaticians and students (10-15 people), that he is able to take over teaching duties in case of absence of the dept. head and supports him in project management and acquisition. We expect that the candidate is interested in experimental techniques and study design and is well-educated in following areas: 1. Mathematics, Statistics and Machine Learning 2. Linux, Programming in Perl, C/C++, R, Java 3. Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology 4. Bioinformatics, microarray analysis, regulatory network analysis, systems biology 5. Handling of public bio-molecular databases and tools 6. English language Experience with in proteomics and NextGen sequencing data processing is welcome. Applications should be sent no later than May 31-th to following address: <> Since the position is to be filled in a.s.a.p., applications will be screened and reviewed on a first come first serve basis, starting from the day of publication of this job offer. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Beyerlein, University for Applied Sciences Wildau, Bahnhofstrasse 1, 15745 Wildau. Applications can be written in English or German and should contain: 1. a curriculum vitae, an overview about examen results, 2. an overview about all passed school and university courses including their evaluation, 3. an overview about the skills in above mentioned education areas (max. one page per area). 4. a list of publications Questions may be directed to following e-mail address: <> . Only e-mails with the subject: "SPRCP2009" and with full Application information as defined above will be answered a.s.a.p.. Good Luck! Paul [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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