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Two Postdoctoral Fellowships: * Statistical Applications in Cancer Genomics * 4D Statistical Applications in Cell Biology and Genetics For more information, please go to -> EMBL Heidelberg, Germany ===================================================================== Job Description 1 ----------------- Second and third generation sequencing technologies are providing an unprecedented amount and quality of data on cancer genomes and transcriptomes. We are looking for a PhD-level researcher who wants to develop new statistical, computational and bioinformatics methods for short-read based genotyping, karyotyping and phylogeny reconstruction, and for genome and transcriptome-based biomarkers. He/she will address novel questions in the intersections of machine learning, applied statistics, bioinformatics, genetics and mathematical modelling, to link theory and experimental data. He/she will perform integrative analyses linking cohort study data and model system biological experimental datasets. Job Description 2 ----------------- The next generation of systems biology will be driven by data and models in four dimensions that resolve dynamic processes in single cells in space and time. The Network of Excellence "Systems Microscopy" uses powerful new imaging technologies to capture protein abundances and interactions in four dimensions during cell division and cell migration in individual, living cells. We are looking for a PhD-level researcher who wants to develop and apply methods for dynamical data-driven modelling of cell cycle and cell migration processes. He/she will address novel questions in the intersections of image analysis, machine learning, applied statistics, mathematical modelling and bioinformatics to link theory and experimental data. He/she will contribute to practical data analysis and biological interpretation within the network, as well as establish his/her own scientific profile based on methodological research contributions. Our Team of computational scientists in the Genome Biology unit of the EMBL in Heidelberg is tightly integrated in loops of experimentation, data analysis, model building, interpretation and refined experimentation. Qualifications and Experience ----------------------------- PhD in a quantitative or computational discipline; ability for multidisciplinary work covering mathematical modelling, statistics, biology and its experimental technologies; strong mathematical and computational skills. A good publication record (which can include academic papers and scientific software) is expected. The position requires the ability to independently take responsibility over your project, strong teamwork and communication skills, reliability, attention to detail and effective time management. The successful candidate will benefit from the joint activities within the Network, the valuable knowledge transfer among the participants and the stimulating international and interdisciplinary environment at EMBL. Wolfgang Huber EMBL
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