Job:Toxicogenomics Statistician
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> Toxicogenomics Statistician > > The successful candidate will provide statistical support to nonclinical > areas of R&D, especially in the areas of investigative toxicology, safety > biomarkers, and toxicogenomics. The candidate will collaborate with > scientists to plan meaningful experimental studies, statistically analyze > the results of those and other studies, and communicate results. Further, > the candidate will work with programmers to create tools that facilitate > use of advanced statistical methodology by Pfizer scientists. > > A minimum of an M.S. - Statistics is required. A PhD - Statistics is > desired. Two years statistical consulting experience, preferably in > pharmaceutical environment using gene expression microarrays, is > required. Experience with other -omics technologies, such as RTPCR, > Protein Mass-Spec, etc, is a strong plus. A Strong science background, > with good working knowledge of biology, chemistry or pharmacology is also > desired. Further, good computational skills in SAS, S-plus or R and good > communication skills (written, oral presentation) are necessary. > > Other desirable attributes include: > > Several years statistical experience in a scientific environment, with > some pharmaceutical experience > Outstanding communication skills > Ability to balance many projects and clients simultaneously > Works independently, with minimal supervision > Learns new skills quickly > Good team player > Strong statistical knowledge in general linear models, experimental > design, probability, categorical data analysis > Ability to identify and understand relevant scientific literature and > apply knowledge gained from these sources > Ability to identify/develop and apply new quantitative methods as needed > to solve problems in pharmaceutical research > Level will be determined by candidate's background and qualifications. > > > LEGAL NOTICE\ Unless expressly stated otherwise, this messag...{{dropped}}
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