SRAdb: differences between the database and the NCBI website
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Hi, I noticed that some entries in sradb do not contain the same data as I would have expected in the sra table. For instance SRR205889. In SRAmetadb.sqlite, many of the data in both the SRA and the experiment tables are null (take for example platform, which should the 'LS454'), when on the NCBI website there are details filled in: Similarly for at least these runs (I've more if required): ERR047650 SRR096790 Given this isn't the first time I've asked for your help, I thought I'd contribute something back. Basically, I took the data in the col_desc table and made it into a wiki page, available here: (I'm in the process of creating a Ruby interface to the db, bioruby- sra, given the db's usefulness, and how little R seems to like me). Yes, I tend to fanboyism from time to time. Thanks, ben -- Ben Woodcroft <http:""/> [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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