Is it possible some statistical evaluation with a few replicates and one control in microarray data analysis in r
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Dear All,

i started preprossesing a small affymetrix microarray dataset. Due to some technical problems, i aquired only one control sample and 4 different samples representing 4 different biological susbstances as treatments(5 CEL files total). Except from quality control, could i use some method for DE expression, because due to the number and the phenotype of the data, i think it is not possible, even with limma. So my question is should i wait for gaining some more samples or there is some alternative? i have heard of rank products algorithm but i have never used it.

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If you are going to be getting more replicates, the best idea would be to wait.

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Possibly, but the problem is that because i have to give a small report about this dataset and the other replicates will delay for the time being, i wonder if i just perform only a quality control and suggest that any statistical test based on these samples would be inappropriate ?


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