DMRcate: phenotype variable with multiple levels
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I was trying to use DMRcate to analyze a large Illumina BeadChip 450k dataset. My phenotype variable has multiple levels: apart from the control samples we have samples from 8 different hematologic cancers.

I construct my design matrix as I used to when I used the 'limma' package, but I was wondering if, instead of re-ordering my phenotype variable so that I take the control samples first, I could skip this step and use the makeContrasts() function and then cpg.annotate() with contrasts=TRUE argument to find the differentially methylated regions between each type of cancer and my control samples.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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It's definitely worth utilising Limma's makeContrasts function for this purpose. From the vignette, if you look at the cpg.annotate function, you can do something like the below code. 

myannotation       <- cpg.annotate(getM(norm.filtered), 
                                   analysis.type = "differential", 
                                   design        = design, 
                                   coef          = "A - B",
                                   contrasts     = T, 
                                   cont.matrix   = cont_mat)

Where you feed the coef argument the column name from your contrast matrix. This is assuming you have a design matrix (design) and a contrast matrix (cont_mat)


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