heatmap.2() making columns narrower to make them look like microarray?
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Dear Bioconductor fellows,


I successfully made heatmaps using heatmap.2 function for my flow cytometry data. My column width is much wider than my row height size (I got 1000 data points per group) so it makes my heatmaps look like bunch of thin lines. To make them look nicer, I tried to play with lmat, lhei, and lwid but it has been unsuccessful.

I found the almost identical question from mine in stackflow forum, and according to the link, it seems that pheatmap is a better choice than heatmap.2 for changing column widths.

Because I would like to keep using heatmap.2, it would be greatly appreciated if any of you could provide a solution to fix errors (the console complains that I have to get lmat=lwid=2).

Thank you very much for your time and concern.



A. J. in UMD- College Park

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