How to manually set base landmark in flowStats gaussNorm
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Hi Mike,

I have a question regarding to the gaussNorm method of the package flowStats. I want to specify the base landmarks used for the normalization on my own. How can I do this? The argument base.lms says: A list of vector for each channel that contains the base landmarks for normalizing that channel. If not specified the base landmarks are computed from the set of extracted landmarks.
But I can not find any example how to use this. If I use it I think max.lms should be NULL and both thresholds as well, right? Can you give me one example how to use this parameter?
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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Jiang, Mike ★ 1.3k
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'base.lms' was not well documented. After stepping into the source code, I found out that it is the mode/peak positions. When you want to manually set the base landmarks, simply plot the densityplot  of the target sample on the target channel and find the x coordinates of the peak apex that you want to use as the base landmarks. Here is the illustration based on the examples in '?gaussNorm'


dat <- transform(ITN[1:3], "CD4"=asinh(CD4), "CD3"=asinh(CD3), "CD8"=asinh(CD8))
lg <- lymphGate(dat, channels=c("CD3", "SSC"),preselection="CD4",scale=1.5)
dat <- Subset(dat, lg$n2gate)
#inspect densityplot to estimate landmarks by hand
ggcyto(dat[[1]], aes(x = "CD8", col = name)) + geom_density() 

#manaully supply the base landmarks in gaussNorm
datr <- gaussNorm(dat, "CD8", base.lms = list(CD8 = c(1.58, 6.68)))$flowset
#before normailzation
ggcyto(dat, aes(x = "CD8", col = name)) + geom_density() + facet_null()
densityplot-before alignment
#after the normalization
ggcyto(datr, aes(x = "CD8", col = name)) + geom_density() + facet_null()

densityplot-after alignment



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