How to plot a single segment using OmicCircos?
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Shambho • 0
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Hi There,

I am new to OmicCircos, and am trying to use it for E Coli genome with single segment.

Not sure how to do this. Here is what I am trying:

seg.num     <- 1;
ind.num     <- 20;
seg.po      <- c(20:50);
link.num    <- 0; <- 0;
sim.out     <- sim.circos(seg=seg.num, po=seg.po, ind=ind.num, link=link.num,;

This gives me an error:

Error in, size, replace, prob) :
  cannot take a sample larger than the population when 'replace = FALSE'


I tried passing on the 'replace = TRUE' argument to sim.circos and to options, but it doesn't work.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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