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The Bioconductor Release 3.13 Schedule has been posted and is tentatively scheduled for May 20th. This date is subject to change depending on the announced release of R 4.1. Bioconductor 3.13 is dependent upon R-4.1 and CRAN has yet to make a formal R 4.1 release date. As we want Bioconductor maintainers to have adequate time to adhere to deadlines we have proposed this tentative schedule that may be pushed later if the R release requires.

Important deadlines can be found on the website and will be posted here and on the bioc-devel at mailing list. As a quick summary:

April 23rd: New package submission deadline. Packages will still need to pass the formal review process to be included in Release 3.13; this deadline will ensure at least an initial review of the package. Package submitted after this date are not guaranteed to be reviewed; they will be reviewed time pending.

May 4th Current Release 3.12 Freeze. No changes will be accepted to the Bioconductor 3.12 branch after this date.

May 12th No API changes to devel 3.13. Also, newly submitted packages need to be accepted by this date to be included in the release

May 14th Deadline for packages to be passing R CMD install/build/check.

May 19th Devel 3.13 branch is frozen to create release branch.

May 20th Release Bioconductor 3.13

Cheers, Lori Shepherd on behalf of the Core Team

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