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A new job posting has opened for the UAB Biological Data Science institutional core.

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Annual Salary Range: $69,596.80 - $114,150.40


To participate in research activities involved in the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing such as data derived from genomics and transcriptomics (bulk and single-cell sequencing) to the UAB Biological Data Science institutional core ( To support research services such as study design, data management, data analysis, pipeline development and to aid in the generation of training guides and documentation. To stay abreast of recent literature and other new developments, incorporating new techniques into existing data analysis protocols and pipelines in support of the institutional core's mission of high quality, reproducible computational biology research.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs computational data analysis of transcriptomics and genomics studies
  • Designs, develops and implements software tools and analytical procedures supporting bioinformatics analysis
  • Participates in projects related to core sustainability including but not limited to pipeline development, web application development, maintenance of documentation and training guides and other services to support the needs of UAB investigators
  • Provides computational support services such as study design, data management and data migration
  • Offers bioinformatics consultation services to UAB investigators
  • Evaluates and identifies new technologies for implementation
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities

  • Knowledge of the biological sciences

  • Experience in computational biology analysis

  • Experience in Linux and using a command-line environment

  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as, Python, shell scripts, and R

  • Knowledge of best practices of reproducible and scalable research such as version control (git) and environment managing systems (e.g.: conda, Docker, Singularity)

  • Proficiency in the visualization of omics data

  • Experience in High Performance Computing environment is preferable

  • Ability to work as part of a team

  • Knowledge of theoretical and applied statistics, and molecular biology, as demonstrated through previous work or academic experience

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Attentive to detail

  • Organizational skills

To use software and/or databases to gather, store, and manage research activities in the analysis of Next Generation sequence data such as data derived from genomics and transcriptomics studies. To evaluate, design and build informatic tools such as databases, analytical tools and service resources. To support research services such as study design, data management, data migration and data analysis. To provide leadership for informatics endeavors and interface with investigators and the external community to develop tools and services, and to provide informatics education, as needed.

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