Error in champ.svd - function 'EstDimRMTv2' within champ.svd acting inconsistently?
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When running champ.svd() on the example dataset included with minfi I get the following error:

Error in 1:ncol(svd.obj$v) : argument of length 0

Within the champ.svd() function (code viewable here), this error occurs on line 90. However, I think the error can be traced back as follows:

#on line 75 in function splot:
v=x$v[1:y$dim,1:y$dim]  #this causes an error later on because y$dim = 1

#$dim comes from line 37 in function EstDimRMTv2:
intdim <- length(which(eigen.o$values > thdens.o$max));

Here is the full EstDimRMTv2 function:

#EstDimRMTv2 takes 'tmp.m' as an input:
tmp.m <- beta-rowMeans(beta)  %>%  beta=myNorm

  EstDimRMTv2 <- function(data.m)
    ### standardise matrix
    M <- data.m;
    for(c in 1:ncol(M)) M[,c] <- (data.m[,c]-mean(data.m[,c]))/sqrt(var(data.m[,c]));
    sigma2 <- var(as.vector(M));
    Q <- nrow(data.m)/ncol(data.m);
    thdens.o <- thdens(Q,sigma2,ncol(data.m));
    C <- 1/nrow(M) * t(M) %*% M;

    eigen.o <- eigen(C,symmetric=TRUE);
    estdens.o <- density(eigen.o$values,from=min(eigen.o$values),to=max(eigen.o$values),cut=0);

    intdim <- length(which(eigen.o$values > thdens.o$max));

The weird problem I am having is that when I run EstDimRMTv2 line-by-line, $dim equals 2, which does not cause an error in champ.svd(). However, when I run the full function at once, using View(EstDimRMTv2(tmp.m)), $dim equals 1, which I think is probably what's causing the error.

Does anyone know what might be causing this or how to solve it? Many thanks in advance!

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